Welcome to Hops Tarot.com I am a messenger for the all that is . I specialise in being a psychic channeller for the divine source that surrounds us, and is within us all. I am also a Reiki Master and meditation teacher. What this means is that I can enter in communication with spirit guides and the Higher Self through journeying to higher realms of consciousness. I am able to accomplish this through Shamanic journeying, and interpretation of the Higher Self's messages through reading Tarot. I developed my channeling to share Occult knowledge, and heal and uplift the collective consciousness that is humanity. My readings focus on divining your current path in life,  highest excitement,  general queries, future, love, career, and healing trauma through providing advanced Reiki healing of your whole beingness. 

Peace and Love wise soul I am honoured to be of service to you on your souls unique journey!


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